Overcome Youth Ministry's vision is to point YOUTH  to Christ and his redemptive power. We exist to help youth "OverCome" daily struggles; in Christ we are set free (John8:36). Everyday they are facing giants in their lives such as peer pressure, bullying, rejection, and the list goes on and on. Our ministry equips and motivates youth to pick up their rocks, aim and release what God has placed in their hearts, pure joy that no one can take away. Through getting to know themselves and each other we aim to help develop strong minded, confident leaders for our generation. 

As the ambassadors that we are in Christ, it is our responsibility to reach out to our youth and guide them away from the struggles of this world. With so much negativity floating around we wanted to create a positive environment for youth to plug into! Once we align with our TRUE IDENTITY (who we are and WHOSE we are) the strength, confidence and tools we access will change our lives forever. OverComeYM serves as safe haven and equipping center for young men and woman to hang out, build and grow through teaching the fundamentals of our faith (prayer, worship and studying of the word).

OverComeYM focuses on reaching grades 6th-12th every Friday night and Sunday morning! Time to get your youth active and involved, join us!




Every Friday night the High School and Middle School are welcomed to a fun night with games, activities and most importantly fellowship through the Word of God. Each Month we focus on one specific topic and apply it with the Word of God.

This month's topic is the Chatterbox: Hearing the voice of God above all else (Author: Steven Furtick)

During the Bible Study time, the young boys and girls split up into groups.

The boys go with Pastor Jonathan Gonzalez and the girls meet up with Youth Director Chelsey Johnson.