Annual Purity Conference

Hosted by Kingdom Creed Ministries


Last August we had our first annual Purity Conference. This Conference is an opportunity for young girls and boys to commit their hearts o Christ by remaining a virgin until marriage.

This Conference focuses on Biblical Principles pertaining to the following topics

  • Identity in Christ
  •  Forgiveness
  • Grace
  •  Truth
  •  Love
  •  Marriage
  •  Surrendering their Hearts.

 This is a 7 Day conference that incorporates several  local churches to teach, and pour into the hearts of the young people within our community. On the Last day of the Conference there is a Wedding Ceremony  where they received rings and make a commitment to Christ. There is also a Reception right afterwards for friends and family. Our goals is to not just have them remain virgins until marriage but remain pure in heart and in every aspect of there lives by abiding in Jesus Christ through. 

This is open to the public and other churches as well.  A detailed schedule will be posted soon about the next conference on

If you would like us to Host a Purity Conference at your Church please contact us today! 

If you are a Pastor and are interested in teaching at the conference please contact Chelsey Johnson at 609-204-7548

If you are a Worship Team or Leader and would like to participate in this event by using your gifts and talents for the worship experience please contact Joan Johnson a 609-204-3178

 For more information visit